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Nextnova® divides coaching topics into three main categories (click on one to learn more):


Development coaching topics

Increase self-consciousness (millennials, managers, executives)

Self-consciousness is an intensified sense of self-awareness which is an awareness of your own personality or individuality.

During coaching sessions, we work on the awareness of your existence, your body, your lifestyle, your own character, feelings and motives. That is different for each person, for each stage of life and professional experience. In general, the better you know yourself, the better you operate and execute.

Motivation and performance maximization

Have felt a little lost? Don’t know what to do and why to do it?  To what extent are you motivated to maximize your performance?

During coaching sessions we discuss what drives you, to understand where motivation comes from, why we lose it, what the link is to your values, belief and passion. More motivation leads to performance maximization.

Unleash potential

What could you accomplish if you unleash your full potential? It bridges your vision and dreams with your future success.

During the coaching sessions we assess the consciousness of your potential and discuss a transformation plan that will help to unfold your full potential and use that meet your aspirational goals.

Professional deployment and career path guidance

A career helps to increase knowledge which can be used to contribute decision making and the success of a company, require new skills and to earn more money. It is an investment which can lead to great results, if you do it the right way.

During the coaching sessions we support you in making informed decisions about your career development and path. Incisive questions about your history and situation today, aspirations, dreams, capabilities, talents, motivation, meaning of life, etc. Followed by a plan with tangible steps to achieve career objectives. Result of the coaching is more confidence, encouragement and inspiration.

Enhance confidence, minimizing uncertainty and doubt

Your belief in yourself is a determining factor in your success. Do you trust your abilities, capacities, and judgments? The belief that you can meet the demands of a task? Self-confidence is a trait that permeates your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

During the coaching sessions will show how to remove doubt, fear and uncertainty by looking at NLP techniques, what is risk, what about evidence and how to use what-if scenarios. After the sessions, you feel more confident when taking decisions, negotiating deals and sharing your opinion.

Applying strategic, innovative and critical thinking

Thinking skills are a core competency for today’s business professionals. It includes competences and the ability to make decisions by analysing issues and evaluating options, recognizing the existence of assumptions and the need to make inferences.

During the coaching sessions we will discuss six critical thinking skills as identified by the APA Delphi Research Report, associative and innovative thinking techniques, the eight disciplines of strategic thinking, and the habits of mind. The result is better focus, alignment and agility.

Increasing mental toughness

Mental toughness is the ability to resist, manage and overcome doubts, worries, concerns and circumstances that prevent you from succeeding, excelling at a task or towards an objective or a performance outcome that you set out to achieve.

During the coaching sessions we start looking at the neuroscience and psychologic aspects of mental toughness. Followed by zooming in on what you need to focus on to be the winner.


Performance coaching topics​

How to organize your business to excel successfully


​Each and every shareholder would like to see the company doing better than previous years. Despite the changing in market dynamics or economic downturns. How will you excel the business?

During the coaching sessions we will be your sparring partner, sounding-board and consultant to discuss new opportunities, business models, go-to-market strategies and organizational set ups. We have 35 years of top international business experience to share with you.

New leadership transformation

​In an ever-changing business world, leaders must be adaptable. Turning vision into strategy and execution to maximize the success of the company in any new situation. This requires transformation.

During the coaching sessions we will look at current performance, skill, competences and achievements. Then, understanding the business changes and new leadership requirements. The results will be that you feel more competent and come across as a more confident personality.


Motivation sits in ourselves, a part of our inner believes and values. And so, it can stimulate us to do something. Motivators differ from person to person. Sometimes we lose our motivation. Reasons could be: too much on our plate, limiting self-believe, procrastination, you don’t know the purpose of doing it, etc.

During the coaching sessions we will look for the reasons for the lack of motivation, the hindrances and find together clear goals to get you motivated.

Discipline and focus

Napoleon Hill said: “If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do.” Sometimes your commitment is not strong enough to keep working on meeting your goals. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Therefore, you need to choose what is in your best interest.

During the coaching sessions we discuss your current priorities, goals, habits and what to focus on. What disciplined people do such as routines, deadlines, reflections and have determination. We will introduce methods to improve your discipline and focus. Resulting in having a greater self-efficacy, being more successful and happier.

Coping with workload and stress (work-life balance)

A day is limited to 24 hours and you can’t always be tense. Life is more than your job, but many people find it hard to find the right balance, causing being worried, sleeping problems, irritated, etc.

During the coaching sessions we will explain how to cope with bad and healthy stress, deadlines, create a healthy work-life balance, the Eisenhower model, perfection and how to do more in less time. The sessions will result in having the right mind-set and attitude to conquer the world.


Collaboration coaching topics

Charisma and personality appearance enrichment

Charisma and personality make you the person people like to work with and respect your opinion.

During the coaching sessions we work on your core personality traits including character, confidence, congruence and help you to make you more charming, attractive, appealing. This by paying attention to body language, pitch, humor and more.​

Assertiveness training

​Assertiveness is a core personal and interpersonal skill that allows you to convey what you feel and what you would like to achieve in a clear, reasonable and direct manner without deflation your own or others’ point of view and rights.

The coaching sessions will focus on development and substantiation of your own opinion, intellectual reasoning and formulation and saying 'NO' in a constructive way. The result is that you will have better interactive relationships and results when dealing with customers, vendors, colleagues, direct reports and your superior.

Teamwork, management and interaction 

Most of the work done within an organization has the involvement of a team. That means working together with other people on common goals. However, individuals have different opinions, attitudes and beliefs.

During the coaching sessions we will discuss how a team works such as the dynamics, the spirit and inspiration, how to lead teams and co-create. What interactions are needed?

Relationship building and communication

You are not alone on the globe. Working with the right people in the right way define your progression, your success, life’s satisfaction and happiness. What are the ingredients of a good relationship?

During the coaching sessions we will discuss all elements that will build excellent relations like empathy, respect, trust, freedom and how to communicate. Many relationships have a potential to fail if the communication is wrong. You will be much better in building, developing and maintaining relationships with each and every stakeholder.


Other coaching topics

Personal well-being and happiness

If you feel sad, stuck, frustrated or if you are concerned, worried, you cannot perform and operate in a successful, positive way (in business nor in your personal).

During the coaching sessions we will look at the root-cause of your emotional feeling, discuss alternative views, empower you to make change and support you in the development of an action and implementation plan. First signals of improved well-being and happiness will be visible after the first couple of sessions.


Stress, anxiety, burnout

Less performance, no focus, feeling out of control or very tense are often signals of anxiety and stress. Some people believe it gets worse the more they try to control it.

During the sessions we will discuss what causes stress and anxiety. Is it for a good logical reason? After that we discuss how to respond and think differently. Result: you will start to feel you are back in control.

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