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The nextnova® concept

Nextnova® is a new, unique and powerful concept in executive coaching and business mentoring, covering the wishes and requirements of business professionals in 2023.
It is a proven, successful methodology to help you, the business professional, to optimize your performance, grow your business and unleash maximum potential.


Making you more successful and happier.


Nextnova® makes use of a clever combination of accumulated top-level business knowledge, formal business and coaching education and over 60 years of life experience. In fact it is a counselling concept, where coaching meets consultancy.
It is optimized to help any business professional to grow, build better relationships, get recognition, receive appreciation, enlarge motivation and have job satisfaction.


Two different meanings

Firstly it stands for “the next new thing”. It is more than an update or extension of existing models / techniques, often referred to as 2.0 or 3.0.

Nextnova® goes beyond that. It is something truly new. Coaching is seen separately from consultancy. Where coaching is about non-directive techniques and the coach is not necessarily a subject matter expert in the area of the coachee, consultancy has more an advisory role, where the consultants is familiar with the work of the coachee. Besides that functions like counselling, sparring partner are often seen as separate disciplines. Nextnova® uniquely combines these disciplines to provide a holistic service to help coachees in the most effective and sustainable way. The combination of models and techniques is what the coaching clients today would like to see.* Not just only a person that asks questions or gives advice, but a combination depending on the topic, experiences and requirements of the client. That makes it the 'next nova'.


Secondly, a nova is a star that starts shining brightly on the sky. The nextnova® methodology makes you the next brightly shining star in your business environment. That helps to get unleash potential and maximum performance leading to more job satisfaction, be motivated, to get more appreciation, to raise awareness and to boost your career.

*research by J. Drieman (2019) has shown that business professionals of today expect a combination of directive and indirective techniques to develop themselves.


The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) has officially acknowledged and accepted the brandname nextnova® under the category KI35 (business consultancy) and KI41 (educational coaching service for management consultancy) for the next 10 years.

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