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Individual sessions and team sessions

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these 2 kinds of sessions have the following general structure

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Sounding board sessions for established executives

Senior business professionals like executives, members of the c-suite or the board do not need classic coaching. They can tap from a wealth of experiences and knowledge.

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It is more important for these people to have thought provoking discussions with incisive questions, out of the box thinking and a fair amount of challenge.

In addition thorough business dialogues about vision, strategy, tactics as well as operational issues. This is what we call SOUND BOARDING SESSIONS, where we are your sparring partner, allowing you to talk about business in depth on the highest level.


Flex-sessions for companies

Many employees are struggling with issues and problems that do not require a long coaching process. Many of these topics require just a few sessions. Making individual dedicated coaching contracts doesn't make sense.

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Our unique approach to this problem are COACHING CREDITS. This system is an easy way for a company to coach its employees. It works in the following way.

There is one overall contract. The company buys 10, 20, 30 or more coaching hours that can be used for each and every employee that would like to get coaching, consultancy and/or mentoring support. This makes it flexible and adjustable for the company and the employee.


Typically, a minimum of 6 customized personal development sessions within an agreed period of time will be scheduled. During these sessions the selected coaching topics will be carefully and intensively worked on to obtain quick, tangible and sustainable results.
Each session ends with a realistic action plan and the outcome will be reviewed at the beginning of the next session to see progress and where to adjust.

A feedback session with the coachee (and manager or HR if requested) takes place at the end of the program.


Depending on the coachee’s experience and requests, the session may vary in the coaching spectrum from mentoring and consultancy to counseling and sounding board. Often a combination is used to increase effectiveness.

The coach will choose from over 160 powerful coaching tools and techniques including: Appreciative Inquiry, the Assagioli Will Model, EMDR, Enneagram, High Performance Model, Inner Game, Johari Window, the Karpman Triangle, Moho, T-GROW and the Pygmalion Effect.

From a business perspective analytical and strategic tools like the Adoption Curve, Associative Thinking, the Business Canvas, Core-Context Analysis, Maba, Segmentation, Scenario Planning and TOWS.

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