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Why nextnova®?

  • Nextnova® is a unique blend of different modern techniques, to meet the coaching expectations of the modern business professional.

  • It is personal, pragmatic and professional. It is about your future, and we support you.

  • 100% focus and guidance to meeting your objectives and obtaining tangible and sustainable results.

  • Our coach has practical and academic coaching education in combination with 60 years of life experience and 35 years international executive business knowledge.

  • We know how to do business, from entrepreneurial startups to multinationals.

  • Get inspiration and motivation, tips, insights, feedback, be challenged and avoid mistakes.

  • We speak the language of executives, understand their work and be a sparring partner.

  • The processes are transformal, not transactional: permanent instead of temporarily.

  • Proven results: references on request.




All discussions, information, data, facts and figures shared during the sessions will be kept strictly confidential and will not to be disclosed by Marix International nv to any third party. Session data will not be stored electronically. For all coaching actions Marix International nv is strictly in compliance with the Global Code of Ethics of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)Marix International nv is 100% GDPR compliant.

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