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You will be a more successful and happier person.

Both in business and in private.

Some of your issues have been resolved and that will make you feel stronger, more confident and motivated to set and meet goals. Your job satisfaction will improve.

You will be able to focus and make clear plans to further grow yourself and your business with impact. This will give you recognition, appreciation which leads to more happiness. 

Life will be different and it is only the beginning.

With the new mindset, providence will move and all sorts of things occur to help you. A whole stream of events, unforeseen incidents, meetings and assistance will come your way in your favor (adapt Goethe’s commitment).

Joost Drieman during coaching

What clients say

"Joost is very knowledgeable and sincere; a very likable and charismatic personality. I really like his honesty and integrity in challenging my assumptions and offering contrarian, creative alternatives. Really makes you think." (NL)


"The coach is very experienced and has a brilliant feeling for the individual situation and tasks. He creates a very trusted relationship in a very good atmosphere. Each coaching session makes me feel stronger." (BE)


"Joost is really open and eager in understanding the big picture. He also asks, what I had tried already before offering a new way to the solution. If he introduces something new to me, it's never in a snobbish way i.e. in a sense 'I know something you don't know', he is always introducing it in a way, that really makes me curious." (BE)


"Instead of prescribing a solution and set of recommendations, he has a nice way of helping you to arrive at your own self-made solution." (NL)


"The wealth of business experience combined with great and clearly interested listening skills. He does not judge and often asks creative questions that help to create a different perspective." (GE)


"This coach listens very carefully and has a brilliant ability to analyze the different tasks and situations. He is absolutely empathic and understands how to activate my thoughts and ideas about the different tasks. He creates a very good and creative atmosphere and really supports my development." (CH)


"To my mind this coach has all necessary abilities a very good coach should have. He is very talented and congenial for working as a coach. He is absolutely brilliant!" (BE)


"Joost is a natural coach and he has an innate set of characteristics, attributes and skills that combined with formal training makes him a highly effective coach and mentor." (NL)

"He comes across as ‘your uncle you have a better relationship with than your parents’, because he understands you and he responds with words of wisdom." (UK)

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